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  ERSEA (enrollment, recruitment, selection, eligibility and attendance) are monitored by the Red Cliff Early Childhood Center (ECC) Policy Council, Tribal Council and ECC Management Team.

Transition services are provided to children entering the ECC, leaving the ECC and changing programs within the ECC. A comprehensive plan is created with parent and teacher input to provide a smooth transition as children shift from program to program or off to kindergarten!

Attendance is a vital part of the program; children are expected to be at school each day. The ECC program policies are as follows:

          *Children are expected to attend Early Head Start or Head Start daily.

          *Parents must notify the center if their child will be absent or late.
          * If your child is absent and you do not notify the center, a staff person will try to contact you by phone or home visit.

          * After two consecutive days of absence or continued absences without a notification, Family Services will contact you through phone or home visit.

          * If your child has continued unexcused absences, a referral to the EHS or HS director will occur to begin a further examination of attendance issues.

         * If your child has continued, unexcused, absences, he/she may be dropped from the program in the event that other eligible children are waiting to enroll.

         * Federal guidelines state that, “Head Start Programs must maintain 85% attendance or better.”
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